I fell asleep by the woodstove
with my book in one hand and my mug of tulsi tea
in the other.
By minor miracle my tea remained upright
and the index finger of my left hand held my place in the story.
I dreamt that I had been writing the best poem I had ever written.
My drifting mind may have been filled with the beautiful words of the book
which was My Brilliant Friend.
That must have been it I think
although the poem as I recalled upon waking
still not spilling the tea
was about McDonalds.
Not moving not my finger in the book not my balanced mug
I tried through a deliberate relaxed concentration
if there is such a thing
to retrieve the lines from the most perfect poem ever
and could not.
I recalled that a few days prior
when buying my mother and me two matching mcdoubles
the server which is a nicer title than cashier for sure
called me Luvvie.
I don’t believe anyone had ever called me Luvvie
and I told the server I hoped someone would call me Luvvie
at least once more before I died.
So besides the melodic words of My Brilliant Friend
the McDonalds lady could also
have been the inspiration for the best poem
I ever wrote while dreaming
which may surpass my conscious poems if I can ever remember
any of them.
But it also may have been french fries.

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