We spend too much on birdseed.
Before we lived here,
before our big house became master of these woods,
the great-grandparents of our current tree neighbors
found something to eat
or went south for the winter.
But now these freeloaders,
these young whippersnappers of the modern generation,
wait by our four feeders.
They prefer the sunflower,
though the suet receives a fair share of attention.
And on top of that,
they have invited all their woodland buddies to the feast,
the turkeys, the deer, the skunks, a fox or two,
but especially the squirrels.
We buy and fill and buy again,
aware that expectations are high
in an upscale community.

6 thoughts on “WILDLIFE

  1. We have the deer and the squirrels, but not the foxes, turkeys and skunks. So three feeders are enough. But they certainly empty fast, especially in cold snowy weather. I get nervous if there aren’t at least two extra bags of black oil sunflower seeds in the garage as backup! What would those darling little birdies do in the snow and ice without me? 🙂

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